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Promotional 1 Oval 1 Oval

Promotional 3 20 Inch Cow 3 20 Inch Cow

Promotional 3 8 Inch Telephone 3 8 Inch Telephone

Promotional 5 Inch Rectangle 5 Inch Rectangle

Promotional Acrylic Calendar Acrylic Calendar

Promotional Anger Magnet Anger Magnet

Promotional Animal Magnets Animal Magnets

Promotional Animals Animals

Promotional Arrow Magnet Arrow Magnet

Promotional Bone Magnet Bone Magnet

Promotional Business Card Magnets Business Card Magnets

Promotional Calendar Magnets Calendar Magnets

Promotional Car Exterior Car Exterior

Promotional Car Magnets Car Magnets

Promotional Circle Magnet Circle Magnet

Promotional Computer Magnet Computer Magnet

Promotional Cow Cow

Promotional Design A Bear Magnet Design A Bear Magnet

Promotional Design A Gator Magnet Design A Gator Magnet

Promotional Die Cut Magnet Die Cut Magnet

Promotional Die Cut Magnets Die Cut Magnets

Promotional Digital Watches Digital Watches

Promotional Droplet Magnet Droplet Magnet

Promotional Emergency Magnet Emergency Magnet

Promotional Emergency Magnets Emergency Magnets

Promotional Event Magnet Event Magnet

Promotional Flexible Magnet Flexible Magnet

Promotional Flower Magnet Flower Magnet

Promotional Foam Magnets Foam Magnets

Promotional Frame of Mind Chart Frame of Mind Chart

Promotional Frog Frog

Promotional Full Color Full Color

Promotional Full Color Magnet Full Color Magnet

Promotional Grande Magnet Grande Magnet

Promotional Jumbo Magnets Jumbo Magnets

Promotional Large Magnet Large Magnet

Promotional Light Up Magnets Light Up Magnets

Promotional Light Up Products Light Up Products

Promotional Magnet Clips Magnet Clips

Promotional Magnet Mirrors Magnet Mirrors

Promotional Magnet O Clip Dispenser Magnet O Clip Dispenser

Promotional Magnet Series Magnet Series

Promotional Magnet Set Magnet Set

Promotional Magnetic Boards Magnetic Boards

Promotional Magnetic Clips Magnetic Clips

Promotional Magnetic Memo Holders Magnetic Memo Holders

Promotional Magnetic Paper Clip Holder Magnetic Paper Clip Holder

Promotional Magnetic Pens Magnetic Pens

Promotional Magnetic Post Cards Magnetic Post Cards

Promotional Magnetic Rulers Magnetic Rulers

Promotional Magnetic Sculptures Magnetic Sculptures

Promotional Magnetic Tools Magnetic Tools

Promotional Magnetism Star Magnetism Star

Promotional Memo Boards Memo Boards

Promotional Message Magnets Message Magnets

Promotional Mini Flashlight Mini Flashlight

Promotional Notepad Magnets Notepad Magnets

Promotional Number 1 Magnet Number 1 Magnet

Promotional Oval Insert Oval Insert

Promotional Oval Magnet Oval Magnet

Promotional Perpetual Calendar Perpetual Calendar

Promotional Personal Fans Personal Fans

Promotional Phone Magnet Phone Magnet

Promotional Photo Magnet Photo Magnet

Promotional Pick Up Pick Up

Promotional Picture Frame Magnets Picture Frame Magnets

Promotional Picture Frames Picture Frames

Promotional Poetry Poetry

Promotional Power Clips Power Clips

Promotional Rectangle Magnet Rectangle Magnet

Promotional Refrigerator Magnets Refrigerator Magnets

Promotional Reusable Sticker Reusable Sticker

Promotional Ribbon Magnets Ribbon Magnets

Promotional Schedule Magnet Schedule Magnet

Promotional Sculpture Block Sculpture Block

Promotional Shape Magnet Shape Magnet

Promotional Shaped Magnets Shaped Magnets

Promotional Shield Shield

Promotional Slice Magnet Slice Magnet

Promotional Sports Shapes Sports Shapes

Promotional State Magnets State Magnets

Promotional Stock Shapes Stock Shapes

Promotional Strip Magnetics Strip Magnetics

Promotional T shirt Magnet T shirt Magnet

Promotional Thanks Magnet Thanks Magnet

Promotional Thick Magnet Thick Magnet

Promotional Thin Magnet Thin Magnet

Promotional Tire Magnet Tire Magnet

Promotional Tooth Magnet Tooth Magnet

Promotional Toothpaste Magnet Toothpaste Magnet

Promotional Transportation Transportation

Promotional Tree Magnet Tree Magnet

Promotional Truck Magnet Truck Magnet

Promotional with Notepad with Notepad

Promotional Work Light Work Light

Promotional Zebra Zebra

If you are a business owner you undoubtedly are seeking new and innovative ways to promote your business with magnets. Advertising costs are one of the most important areas of a business that cannot be overlooked. However it often is. Many people just aren?t aware of the many options that are available that will not only promote your business, but will also stay within your budget. There is a saying in marketing that if you see a method used repeatedly; that you can rest assured that it is an effective marketing strategy. Using promotional, personalized, and custom magnets is a great way to promote your business and is a method that has stood the test of time. Additionally, it is very affordable and fits easily within any marketing budget.

promotional magnets

The advantages of custom magnets

When a business gives their customers a gift, the customer instantly feels that they have received something in addition to their business dealings. Whether it is a customized magnet, coffee mug, ballpoint pens, mouse pads or larger items such as tee shirts or umbrellas, your customers will not only have a gift from your company, but you have given them a tool that will continually advertise your business and service. Many customers will continue to use their items, including custom magnets and be reminded of your business services repeatedly. The best aspect of giving away customized magnets is that they are a low cost item and easy to distribute. You can make them available for your customers to take home by placing them on a counter, desk, or even by including them in mail outs. Their small size makes them easily portable, lightweight, and a great marketing tool. When your customers place their magnets on their refrigerators and in their homes, they have a constant reminder of your business and service. Whether you are planning a special marketing campaign or are looking for free gifts to give your customers (such as with holidays and other special events), you?ll find that promotional, personalized, and custom magnets are great tools.

Magnets come in a number of shapes and sizes. There are plenty of options to choose from when designing your promotional magnets. You should also carefully consider the message that you will be displaying on your custom magnets and other materials as well. If you are choosing materials for a specific holiday, you may find that placing a phrase such as, Seasons Greetings or Happy New Year is the best way to go. You can always add the word ?from?, and then place your company?s information on the magnet. This is an effective marketing tool and will help ensure that your customers have a visual reminder of your products and services year round.

Another benefit of using magnets and other marketing tools is that they help draw new business. Giving these tools to your regular customers is an important aspect for maintaining repeat business, but when used in mail outs, you can easily draw new customers to your business.

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